Part of the icanfoster fostering team prior to start of 8 Peaks Challengefoster agency Herefordshire raising money for Red Nose Day 2021

Raising money for Red Nose Day 2021

icanfoster fostering team are out raising money for Red Nose Day 21!  Please give what you can where you can to this great fundraiser and help children in the UK and worldwide.

Today is Comic Relief Day so I am going to do the 8 Peaks Challenge, on the Herefordshire and Mid-Wales border.  To make it even more fun I’m going to do it as an egg and spoon race.  As a precaution I’m taking 10 eggs and I will donate an extra £10 per egg broken to whatever total I make at the end of the challenge.  It’s about 14 miles optimal route and 2000 metres or so of hill climbs, a few fences, streams and angry dog just to keep it entertaining.  I will have my buddy Keith Tindale with me (2 metres away) keeping track of progress and egg trauma.  Egg us on with donations!


When you donate to Comic Relief, you’re supporting people living incredibly tough lives, in the UK and around the world.  Our vision is to create a just world free from poverty and we’re doing this by funding amazing organisations doing amazing things.


Our foster team will be posting updated photographs throughout the challenge.  Click here to go to our Gallery.


Please click the donate button below to go to the official fundraising page.  All donations gratefully received.  Thank you for your support.