Do you want to transfer to icanfoster?

Foster carers can, and do, change agencies from time to time and the process is easier than you might think.  Foster carers change agencies for a variety of reasons; maybe they don’t feel the agency they work for are small enough to care, or perhaps they lack the support they need to help a child.  They might be fed up with the lack of suitable referrals, or the terms and conditions at a rival foster agency may be more suitable.  Whatever the reason, if you would like to know how to change to icanfoster we would be glad to hear from you.

If a foster carer chooses to transfer to another fostering service, they are entitled to do so, but they should not have to in order to retain a foster placement.

In 2012, the Fostering Network developed the Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol.  It explains the steps which should be followed when a foster carer wishes to transfer from one fostering service to another.  Read the Transfer Protocol here.